Food / desserts / beverages typical for makarska, which are rarely in restaurants' menu, that's why we share some contact, where you can order them from local producers directly.
If you go to some restaurants in Makarska, you have to order some meals, which are local specialities.

Black risotto

The name comes from the dye – cuttlefish ink, which is added to the dish and gives it a specific colour. It is characterized by an intense flavour and aroma. It is a cuisine speciality that will delight all lovers of fish and seafood. In Dalmatia, they are often prepared on Christmas Eve, when meat is not eaten and fish or seafood dishes are served.

Shrimps on 'buzara'

The word “buzara” describes the specific way of preparing shrimp, but also many seafood dishes. It is easy to make while maintaining a full range of flavour. The base is garlic and olive oil, on which selected seafood is lightly fried and then simmered over light heat, adding white wine and selected spices.


It is certainly one of the symbols of Dalmatia, but also of the whole of Croatia. The pork leg is dried in the strongest wind here – bura. It is the most famous meat product that is eagerly eaten during celebrations.


Although the Croatian coast is known primarily for fish dishes, Dalmatians can also prepare delicious meat dishes. Pašticada is called the queen of meat dishes. To prepare it you will need marinated beef, stuffed carrots and bacon in wine. The meat prepared in this way is simmered for several hours. This is a speciality of Dalmatian cuisine, the preparation of which takes up to 3 days. It is served at special celebrations.

Grilled fish

Grilled fish is offered in almost all the so-called konoba (taverns). Why? It just tastes the best. It is usually fresh fish, stuffed with garlic, salt and rosemary, and then grilled. Its taste and aroma are enhanced by olive oil.


This is a traditional method of preparing meals, usually octopus or lamb. Peka is a baked dish with meat and vegetables made in a pot or a tray, on which the dome-shaped metal lid is put. And then this pot is put into the embers of a fireplace.
To feel and enjoy real atmosphere, except from tasting regional dishes, you have to visit dalmatian konoba.

Konoba or an inn

It used to be part of the house – ground floor or basement, used as a pantry. When it comes to a gastronomic facility, it most often offers traditional dishes, and its interior resembles such a place.

Konoba is also a warehouse for tools in vineyards or a place to store homemade wine. The history of’ konoba’ itself is not directly related to Dalmatia, but mainland Croatia. In the 14th century, even a place called KONOBA was mentioned.

It is worth mentioning that the Croatian name’ KONOBAR’, meaning ‘waiter,’ comes from the person who was responsible for bringing wine or food from the pantry, i.e. konoba.

U Makarskoj i na makarskom području možete osjetiti ambijent dalmatinske konobe na slijedećim lokacijama:

Konoba Kalalarga

Konoba, just like it used to be! The massive boat-shaped table is a wonderful detail that you must see.

Konoba Novak

Feel the atmosphere of the Dalmatian Konoba with many details and an interior straight from the past.

Konoba Ranč

Konoba situated in the natural scenery of the olive grove, provides an unforgettable experience.