Feel Makarska

Makarska beaches

All beaches in Makarska are rocky and pebble, but there are also special places for sunbathing on the rocks. There are no sandy beaches here.

The main beach is the longest, about 2 km long, and stretches from the port to the hotel complex Romana. Along with it, there is a promenade with all kinds of facilities (shops, souvenir stands, restaurants, bars, cafes). A great advantage of the beach is a pine grove planted along the beach, which provides a wonderful place to rest on hot days. It is a very good place for families with children, as there is a playground nearby.

It is a typical town beach. There is a wide range of facilities (hotels, guesthouses and luxury apartment buildings). During the summer season, the main beach is guarded by local lifeguards.

In the western part of the town, there are beaches called: Cvitačka and Biloševac. They consist of many small beaches which are ideal for private sunbathing. On Cvitačka beach, there is a special place for tourists with dogs.

The Nugal beach is located in the eastern part of the city, on the Osejava peninsula, about 2 km from the port. This beach has been awarded many times as one of the most beautiful in Europe and the world.