Feel Makarska

Biokovo mountain

Biokovo Nature Park is an integral part of Biokovo Mountain. It is one of 12 nature parks in Croatia. The highest peak of the mountains is Saint George – Sveti Jure (1762 m), the second-highest peak in Croatia. A botanical garden and a fortress Veliki Kaštel in Kotišina are situated in Biokovo Nature Park. All kinds of karst forms are distinguished in the topography of the mountains – caves, pits, ravines and valleys.

There are also caves, for example, Amfora and Mokre noge. Recently, a new one called Njemica was discovered. This is proof that there is a lot of hidden gems in the mountain. The park is famous for its diversity of the world of plants (with a large group of endemic plants) and animals. In addition to beautiful landscapes and viewpoints, there are also special geomorphological reserves and special reserves of vegetation such as beech, fir and black Dalmatian pine in the park.