Feel Makarska

Fa Tempet

The Tempet folklore group was founded in 2004. The main aim is to promote, develop and protect intangible and tangible cultural heritage. The name of the band comes from traditional local dance. There are two children’s groups within the band, a dance and a vocal group.
The vocal group of the Tempet folk group was established in 2006 as an independent group section. In addition to singing a capella, their repertoire includes more modern forms of singing. In cooperation with musicians from the music school in Makarska, the Tempet vocal group performs national songs in characteristic arrangements, which broadens the horizons of the entire ensemble and nourishes the tradition, at the same time meeting the times in which we live.
The vocal section has had numerous performances in Croatia and abroad.
The folklore group is the organizer of the METNO festival, which takes place in Makarska in the summer.


Any Carević Grbić +385915232576

Antonia Glavina +385989370077