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Dalmatian klapa

Klapa is a group of 5 to 8 singers who sing a capella (without the accompaniment of instruments). In the past, singing in ‘klapa’ was reserved for men only. Today, female and mixed klapa appear more and more often. Almost all the voices are here, but it is the tenor who gives the first sound and guides the melody. After the introduction, other voices join and sing together. It is a traditional art of singing in the southern part of Croatia, i.e. Dalmatia and its islands. Klapa music is the music of our tradition. There are several klapas in our area: Adrion, Fjoret, Makarska, Srdela, Garbin. It is also worth mentioning klapa Bušinac, which can often be found singing in Makarska taverns (konobas) or the streets as our ancestors did: spontaneously and with passion.


Klapa Srdela 

This is the oldest klapa in Makarska. It was established in 1967 just before the first edition of the Festival of Dalmatian Klapa in Omiš. In the 1970s, they won several awards: twice a second place and three times third place at the festival in Omiš. During this time, they were singing several times abroad: in Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Italy. They had concerts in New Zealand and Australia. Klapa took part in many national and international festivals, incl. the Split Festival, Sarajevo “Ilidža” Festival, in Postira, as well as in many concerts from Herceg Novi, Dubrovnik, Korčula, Split, Bibinje to Zagreb. Many radio and TV programmes have been recorded. Klapa released 10 CDs (LP and CD), 4 cassettes, 1 single, and participated in several recordings at the Omiš Dalmatian Klapa Festival.

CONTACT: e-mail: davor.mravicic@st.t-com.hr

Internet address: http://klapa-srdela.hr/


Klapa Garbin

It was established in 2000. It is one of the most significant klapa of Makarska Riviera. The klapa was very successful at the end of 2006 when they recorded the single “Ako me voliš” (‘ If you love me’) and in 2007, when had many concerts in Slovenia and Slovakia. Particularly important for klapa was their participation at the Sudamija 2007 klapa review, concerts in churches in Baška Voda and participation in the Kalalarga Night in Makarska. Klapa is made up of friends who show pure love for Dalmatia and music.



It was established in the fall of 1993. It got its name after the oldest known name of Biokovo mountain. They took part in many concerts in Croatia and abroad. Among their rich repertoire, you can find Dalmatian, church and classical songs. All of them are inspired by love, respect for the motherland or Dalmatia. Klapa regularly takes part in the Omiš Dalmatian Flap Festival. They performed there 18 times and 5 were awarded.

Contact email: bojan.mileta@inet.hr 



A female klapa, which was created in 2008 and has immediately attracted public attention. Each of their performances stays in the memory for a long time due to the specific way of interpretation. The beautiful and talented ladies “Fjoretice” have a very rich repertoire – from traditional Dalmatian klapa songs, jazz to evergreens. Sometimes they are played with piano accompaniment, which makes them very special. They regularly take part in the Omiš Dalmatian Klapa Festival, and their greatest success was the 3rd Audience Award in 2015. 

Contact email: tanjatopic3@gmail.com 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/299209973821149/